Adolescence is not a word many kids like to hear, most of the time it means a long talk about growing up and how your body will change into an adult's. Boring. You probably know it all anyway from school and the internet, and even if you don't, you really just want to run away and hide under your bed. 

Here you can learn about puberty from a website that is completely legit, 100% fun and is great for getting out of the puberty talk, it might even teach your parents a thing or two. Plus nothing about sex (apart from in that sentence). This site will hopefully help you to understand what you're going through when you hit puberty and help you to know how to handle things, 'cause adolescence can be tough. 

Not only will you get my advice on things you will also get to hear what the Bible has to say about puberty. So, what are you waiting for, get looking!