Physical Changes

Puberty is a child's body turning into an adult's. Part of this is the body becoming ready to reproduce and create another human being (sorry, I had to put it in). For this to happen both boys and girls need to go through some physical changes, especially in the genital areas. Many other changes also occur that are seemingly not in anyway relating to reproduction.  Some changes occur in both genders whereas some are gender specific. 

Changes That Both Genders Experience

Physical Changes That Adolescents Go Through
When going through puberty each gender will experience their own changes, but some changes are not gender specific and happen to both boys and girls. Most of these changes are  not related to reproduction. 

One major change is a new growth of hair in different places. One of these new hair growths is called pubic hair. Pubic hair is the hair that grows around the genital areas. Nobody knows exactly why it grows, but there are many good theories. 

Hair also grows under the armpits and all over the body. Boys also grow hair in their own special areas, but we'll go into that in the boys' section. 

Both genders will also experience pimples and acne. This can be extremely annoying and be a big teasing point for bullies. If anyone begins to tease you about this, don't worry, it happens to pretty much everyone and is a perfectly normal part of growing up, but if your case of acne is really bugging you it is possible to by treatment from a dermatologist and get some good advice from them as well. Most treatments take about 6-8 weeks to start making any major differences, so don't give up, it will work eventually. 

Both genders also experience a deepening of the voice but this is more pronounced in boys.


Boys go through some pretty extreme changes in puberty. You get facial and chest hair, you grow more muscular, your voice breaks, you get more frequent erections, your family jewels get bigger and you start to have the dreaded wet dreams. Some of these changes people look forward to (muscle growth), but some nearly everyone dreads (wet dreams). 

One of the most well known changes is facial hair growth. Suddenly you can grow a beard and a mustache, epic double combo! But this can also be a problem, because every time you shave, the hair growths back twice as fast and twice as thick. Oh no. 

Another infamous change is your voice breaking. This can be really annoying and really embarrassing. This happens because your voice box is growing larger and your brain hasn't mastered controlling it yet and sometimes even the greatest minds make a mistake. This is a big teasing point, but every boy who's ever walked this earth has gone through it, even Jesus. 

When you start to go through puberty you'll realize that your muscles will grow bigger and will be easier to develop. This is extremely cool and helps you to feel good about yourself and be more confident with ladies. 

Probably the most important change you'll go through is that your body will begin to produce sperm and will 'ejaculate' it through the penis every now and then in wet dreams. If this didn't happen then you wouldn't be able to have kids. some boys get extremely embarrassed about their parents finding out they've had wet dream and hide all the evidence. Although it is a good idea to clean up after yourself, wet dreams are nothing to be embarrassed about. The amount of semen released in a wet dream is about 5mls. 

Some other changes that occur are that you will have more frequent erections, you'll get chest hair and that you penis and testicles will grow to a mature size.


When girls go through puberty they are changing in to a sexually mature adult capable of giving birth. They go through changes that include their hips growing wider, getting breasts, beginning to have periods and gaining fat. They also begin to grow hair in their genital areas and under their armpits. 

One of the biggest changes is that a girl will begin to have periods. When girls go through puberty they prepare to have a baby by lining their womb every month. If an egg is not fertilized during that month the lining breaks down and is released through the vagina along with some blood. The normal amount of fluid released is about an eggcup full. Most girls gain a bit of fat during their first period as well. Some girls may experience period pain, which is pain or discomfort when they are having their period. If this is happening to you it is a good idea to have a warm bath and maybe use a hot water bottle. Some girls also experience pre-menstrual tension or PMT. This is slight or large discomfort before their period. 

Another big change is that girls start to develop breasts. It is normal for some people to have one breast grow faster than the other, the slower one will most often catch up near the end of their development. A girls breasts will not fully develop until she gives birth. Do to this girls need to start buying and wearing bras. If they do not it is extremely painful for them to run or participate in physical activity.

Girls will also start to develop hair under their armpits and in their genital areas. Girls' hips also grow wider during puberty so they can fit a baby through their pelvis when they are giving birth.

A Helpful Bible Verse for When You're Feeling Bad About How You Look

1 Samuel 16: 7
But the Lord said to him, "Pay no attention to how tall and handsome he is. I have rejected him, because I do not judge as people judge. They look at the outward appearance, but I look at the heart."